netflix: the future

What is to become of the future of video rental?
Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) has put the video store no further away than your mailbox, but are digital video recorders about to bring the video store even closer, even faster? Perhaps so: DirecTV (NYSE: DTV) says that it plans a broadband video service that ups the ante in video content distribution. Through the service, DirecTV users will be able to order videos through their DVRs, or through a website.
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I think we all know this day will come - turn on your tv and hit the remote to access any tv program, any movie - any time you want them. But who will offer this service? I doubt it will be netflix. And at that point - almost every other service out there will be obsolete. Can't wait for that day. This looks just like one step closer.

netflix Suggestions Part III

Two words - They need a blog. er uh, four words...

netflix Suggestions part II

New in netflix? Amateur movies? No not porn ;) But movies produced by the next big producer!

People love to create. I recently rented a netflix movie called God and Buddha: A Dialogue, and I think I may have learned why people love to create so much... Anyways, netflix could really use that to their benefit and to the benfit of others. Why not allow customers to submit their own movies? For netflix, it would take some load off their new releases, perhaps. And for new "movie producers" - what a better way to get your name out their in the market!

Netflix Suggestions Part I

One great thing about netflix is the ability to rate all the movies that you have ever seen.
One bad thing is that it's almost impossible to do.
One suggestion I had when I was a new customer was this:
They should have "sample" lists of movies that you can go through and rate the movies that you have seen. Or, they could even have different profiles that you can choose and then get a sample list based off that profile.

For example, they would have a link something like this "Start rating movies that you have seen". You click it, and you are presented with a set of profiles:
Age: 15-20,20-25,25-30, etc.
Type of movies you like most: Sci Fi, Western, etc
How often do you rent movies? 1 per week, 10 per week, etc.

You get the idea - they could come up with some good questions.
And at the end, you would have a sample list (maybe even someone's shared list) of 1000-2000 movies that you can just go down the list and rate - because most likely there are many movies out there that we have all seen in common. But finding them through netflix was a bit of a challenge I must admit. there must be something done about it.

netflix loves me, netflix loves me not

after only a couple days of being in the netflix blogging business. I can tell you that there is a lot of emotion around this business. don't mess with people's movies.
There, of course are many angry people out there venting frustrations about a 800 lb. gorilla in the business and how they chew up and spit out people like you and me. I don't want to necessarily take sides - I just want to say it like I feel it. And how I feel right now is more like a lot of these guys.

I won't come out firing like that, however, I want to appeal more to your intellect. Just put yourself in the position of netflix owner. What would you do to manage the expectations of all of your customers? There are no easy answers, and possibly no answers at all - just do the best you can. I wouldn't intentionally piss off my customers and I doubt that netflix would either.

netflix == humanity

Frankly I don’t see the problem with Throttling. If I was paying $10 a month to get a single movie at one time – I would expect to get the movie that I wanted. Just because someone else can afford/ wants to pay more money to get more movies – does that mean that they should be the ones getting the movie, when they have so many more choices? I mean, it’s just common sense. Unfortunately, people don’t tend to think this way anymore (not sure if they really ever did). I mean, you can apply this same principal to the lives that we lead. If you have 3 sandwiches, and come across a hungry man with no sandwiches – common sense tells you that you should give up one of those sandwiches, right? When was the last time that happened? I think throttling should be applied to all facets of life, personally. I mean, life is all about balance and moderation. And don’t think I am saying that I practice any of what I preach – it’s just what I would strive for.

By the way, have you seen the new netflix advertisement?

netflix issue #1

ok, I just had my first issue with netflix. I think it is their new 'upgrade' system they are trying out. When I went to my queue, it told me that if I were to upgrade my account ( I was on the 2 at a time unlimited plan) that my new movies would be sent today. Well, I just went back to my queue and it's telling me that my movies won't be sent until tomorrow. I know - it's a small thing - but still. I was having people in town this weekend, and now we probably won't be able to watch the movies that I figured would be sent today. I have emailed their address - I couldn't find another way to get a hold of them. So we'll have to wait and see if they do something about what they offered me... I will keep you posted.

netflix rocks!

What is not to like about netflix? Throttling? I have never seen it in action. I have only been a member for a relatively short time, but my movies come out one after the other... I would consider myself a "heavy" user. I usually only keep my movies for a day, and I have about 70 movies in my queue. I keep those movies coming and going like hot cakes.